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EAGLE is the Brand Equity of the MEHRA Family Pioneered by none less than the Stalwart Shri F. C. MEHRA who created History with evergreen hits since the first launch in the early FIFTIES.

EAGLE boasts of introducing to the Film Industry several stars who have achieved milestones in their professional careers such as Shammi Kapoor, Vayajanti Mala and even Shahrukh Khan, to name a few.

        Shri. F. C. MEHRA

EAGLE is proud to have a strong work force loyalty dedicated to it over the years consisting of Professional Personnel, Experienced Technical Personnel, besides family members who are committedly wedded to the Film Business with Production and Administrative Capabilities and Hardcore Expertise and not to speak of two successful, established, and popular Film Directors.

EAGLE over the decades, spread its arms and wings, besides production of full length Feature Films to various film activities such as Video Films, Television Serials, Film Studios, State of the Art Technical Studios, including Animation and Graphics, High End Post Production Facilities, Cinema Theatres, the list is endless.

EAGLE is a hardworking, committed, dedicated, dynamic and versatile Enterprise who endeavors the highest goals.

EAGLE has global presence and the sky is not the limit.

EAGLE Dreams To Be The BEST Content Producer

Mission Statement: “ CONQUER GLOBALLY ”

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