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Qila (1998)

Movie Name: Qila (1998)

Starring: Dilip Kumar, Rekha, Mamta Kulkarni, Mukul Dev, Smita Jaykar, Gulshan Grover

Music: Anand Raj Anand

Director: Umesh Mehra

Synposis: Fortress of a family's honor a tale of modern and feudal India a suspense thriller starring the legendary Dilip Kumar - the equivalent of Hollywood's Marlon Brando.

Ram Jaane (1995)

Movie Name: Ram Jaane (1995)

Starring: Shahrukh Khan, Juhi Chawla, Vivek Mushram, Pankaj Kapoor, Tinnu Anand, Gulshan Grover

Music: Anu Malik

Director: Rajiv Mehra

Synposis: Abandoned at a very young age, an unnamed youth faces taunts about his name and religion. He asks a priest what his name is. The priest answers "Ram Jaane" (God knows), which the youth accepts this as his name. He grows up to be a career thief and criminal, and ultimately a feared gangster. He is in love with his childhood sweetheart, Bela, and believes that she too loves him. When other gangsters decide to take-over the building in which Bela lives, Ram decides to oppose them, so as to impress Bela, and get her to marry him. Ram only ends up antagonizing the gangsters and their men, and finds out that Bela dislikes him, and wants to marry another young man by the name of Murli.

Yaar Gaddar (1994)

Movie Name: Yaar Gaddar (1994)

Starring: Mithun Chakraborty, Saif Ali Khan, Somy Ali, Shweta, Prem Chopra, Gulshan Grover, Johnny Lever, Puneet Issar

Music: Anu Malik

Director: Umesh Mehra

Synposis: A group of white collared criminals commit a bank robbery and caught in the midst are two brothers - one is a cop.

Aashik Aaware (1993)

Movie Name: Aashik Aawara (1993)

Starring: Saif Ali Khan, Mamta Kulkarni, Kadar Khan, Mohnish Bahl, Rakesh Bedi, Saeed Jaffrey, Sharmila Tagore, Satish Shah

Music: Laxmkant Pyarelal

Director: Umesh Mehra

Synposis: Introducing a new love pair in a musical love story of a vagabond and a princess.

Chamatkar (1992)

Movie Name: Chamatkar (1992)

Starring: Shahrukh Khan, Urmila Matondkar, Naseeruddin Shah, Shammi Kapoor, Tinnu Anand, Rakesh Bedi, Johnny Lever

Music: Anu Malik

Director: Rajiv Mehra

Synposis: A idealist young village school teacher comes to the city to earn money to make a proper school, and finds that the only person he can trust is the Ghost of a murdered Mafia Don.

Shikari: The Hunter (Hindi / Telgu) (1991)

Movie Name: Shikari: The Hunter (Hindi / Telgu) (1991)

Starring: Mithun Chakraborty, Naseeruddin Shah, Varsha Usgaonkar, Gulshan Gover, Amrish Puri

Music: Anu Malik

Director: Umesh Mehra

Synposis: The famed Russian Circus; love story of an Indian street performer, his elephant and a beautiful Russian Circus girl and her bear.

Mujrim (Hindi / Bangla) (1989)

Movie Name: Mujrim (Hindi / Bangla) (1989)

Starring: Mithun Chakraborty, Madhuri Dixit, Amrish Puri, Gulshan Grover, Suresh Oberoi, Shakti Kapoor, Nutan Behl, Jagdeep

Music: Anu Malik

Director: Umesh Mehra

Synposis: Dramatic conflict of mother and son - a child who became a criminal protecting his mother from rape and his journey from the slums to the rich mansions opposed all the time by his mother.

Aakhri Adaalat (1988)

Movie Name: Aakhri Adaalat (1988)

Starring: Vinod Khanna, Jackie Shroff, Dimple Kapadia, Sonam, Vinod Mehra, Gulshan Grover, Paresh Rawal, A.K. Hangal

Music: Anu Malik

Director: Rajiv Mehra

Synposis: Disgusted with society and the weakness of Law, a group of like minded individual from various walks of life : a Judge, a Doctor, a Freedom fighter, come together and using a young man as their weapon decide to cleanse society in their own court of Justice.

Pyar Ke Do Pal (1986)

Movie Name: Pyar Ke Do Pal (1986)

Starring: Vinod Khanna, Jackie Shroff, Dimple Kapadia, Sonam, Vinod Mehra, Gulshan Grover, Paresh Rawal, A.K. Hangal

Music: Anu Malik

Director: Rajiv Mehra

Synposis: Twins separated at birth bring together their separated parents

Jaal (1986)

Movie Name: Jaal (1986)

Starring: Mithun Chakraborty, Rekha, Mandakini, Jeetendra, Vinod Mehra, Tanuja, Moon Moon Sen, Jagdeep. Gulshan Grover

Music: Anu Malik

Director: Umesh Mehra

Synposis: A suspense thriller set in feudal India the revenge of a wounded woman.

Sohni Mahiwal (1984)

Movie Name: Sohni Mahiwal (1984)

Starring: Sunny Deol, Poonam Dhillon, Zeenat Aman, Pran, Tanuja, Gulshan Grover, Shammi Kapoor, Rakesh Bedi, Mazhar Khan

Music: Anu Malik

Director: Umesh Mehra

Synposis: Legendary love story set in 18 century, truly poetry on celluloid - a musical love story.

Ek Jaan Hain Hum (1983)

Movie Name: Ek Jaan Hain Hum (1983)

Starring: Rajiv Kapoor, Divya Rana, Gulshan Grover, Shammi Kapoor, Pran, Tanuja, Rakesh Bedi, Avtar Gill

Music: Anu Malik

Director: Rajiv Mehra

Synposis: A teenage love story form college to the altar.

Ashanti (1982)

Movie Name: Ashanti (1982)

Starring: Rajesh Khanna, Zeenat Aman, Shabana Azmi, Parveen Babi, Mithun Chakraborty, Amrish Puri, Viju Khote, Ramesh Deo

Music: R. D. Burman

Director: Umesh Mehra

Synposis: Fast paced action thriller with the top three heroines of India in action and blazing guns.

Alibaba Aur 40 Chor (1980)

Movie Name: Alibaba Aur 40 Chor (1980)

Starring: Dharmendra, Hema Malini, Zeenat Aman, Prem Chopra, Madan Puri

Music: R. D. Burman

Director: Umesh Mehra

Synposis: Multi-starrer big budget action fantasy made with Soviet collaboration, had huge commercial and artistic success.

Hamaare Tumhare (1979)

Movie Name: Hamaare Tumhare (1979)

Starring: Sanjeev Kumar, Rakhee, Prem Kishen, Amjad Khan, Mehmood, Shubha Khote, Rakesh Bedi, Anil Kapoor, Lucky Ali, G. Asrani

Music: R. D. Burman

Director: Umesh Mehra

Synposis: Romantic family comedy involving his four children and her three children and the drama of the two families coming together

Bandie (1978)

Movie Name: Bandie (Hindi & Bengali) (1978)

Starring: Uttam Kumar, Sulakshna Pandit, Amjad Khan, Bindu, Amrish Puri, Utpal Dutt, Helen, Iftekar

Music: Shyamal Mitra

Director: Alo Sarcar

Synposis: A Indian version of the Prisoner of Zenda, twin Princes separated at birth by evil ministers, one grows up as a street smart thug who impersonates as a Prince little realizing that he is in fact the heir.

Salaakhen (1975)

Movie Name: Salaakhen (1975)

Starring: Shashi Kapoor, Sulakshna Pandit, Goga Kapoor, A.K. Hangal, Mehmood, Amrish Puri, Ramesh Deo, Mac Mohan, Sudhir

Music: Ravindra Jain

Director: A.Salam

Synposis: Childhood sweethearts separated by the doings of a criminal father, he became a thief and she became a dancer.

Manoranjan (1974)

Movie Name: Manoranjan (1974)

Starring: Shammi Kapoor, Sanjeev Kumar, Zeenat Aman, Madan Puri, Paintal, Dev Kumar

Music: R. D. Burman

Director: Shammi Kapoor

Synposis: A heart warming love story of a prostitute and a low level cop who wants to marry her.

Khoon Khoon (1973)

Movie Name: Khoon Khoon (1973)

Starring: Mahendra Sandhu, Rekha, Danny Denzongpa, Helen, Jagdeep

Music: Vijay Singh

Director: Mohd.Husain

Synposis: A maniac killer is on the loose and a maniac cop is out to get him.

Lal Patthar (1971)

Movie Name: Lal Patthar (1971)

Starring: Rajkumar, Hema Malini, Rakhee, Vinod Mehra, Paintal

Music: Shankar Jaikishan

Director: Sushil Majumdar

Synposis: Scion of a feudal family has stayed unmarried as the family has been cursed with madness, saves a poor rustic widow and shelters then tries to groom as a lady. His desire to interact with a woman of his own status leads him to another woman; caught between the two leads him to mad jealousy and murder.

Elaan (1971)

Movie Name: Elaan (1971)

Starring: Vinod Khanna, Rekha, Vinod Mehra, Rajendra Nath, Madan Puri, Helen, Iftekhar

Music: Shankar Jaikishan

Director: K.Ramanlal

Synposis: A young reporter stumbles upon a dying old atomic scientist in the capture of an anti-national criminal - the scientist gives him his greatest invention: A Invisible Ring.

Prince (1969)

Movie Name: Prince (1969)

Starring: Shammi Kapoor, Vyjayantimala, Rajendra Nath, Helen, Leela Chitnis, Sudhir, Ajit

Music: Shankar Jaikishan

Director: Lekh Tandon

Synposis: A spoilt drunkard Prince is challenged by a holy man to live the life of an ordinary citizen for a few days, circumstances force him to become a commoner and he realizes the meaning of life.

Amrapali (1966)

Movie Name: Amrapali (1966)

Starring: Sunil Dutt, Vyjayantimala, Prem Nath, K. N. Singh

Music: Shankar Jaikishan

Director: Lekh Tandon

Synposis: Set in ancient India during the era of Buddha, the story of a Court Dancer Amarapali of Vaishali and her love for the King Ajatshatru of the enemy nation Magadh, that led to a war in which both nations were destroyed. Indian entry to Oscar Awards.

Shikari (1963)

Movie Name: Shikari (1963)

Starring: Ajit, Ragini, Helen, K. N. Singh, Madan Puri

Music: G.S.Kohli

Director: Mohd. Hussain

Synposis: The crazy scientist genetically engineers to change a man and ends up creating a gorilla ape-man; ruthless men from the city hire hunters to track and capture it, a jungle adventure.

Professor (1962)

Movie Name: Professor (1962)

Starring: Shammi Kapoor, Kalpana, Lalita Pawar

Music: Shankar Jaikishan

Director: Lekh Tandon

Synposis: A brilliant young jobless college boy has to pretend to be a sixty year old to get a job. An excellent comedy film with great music and romance.

Singapore (B/W) (1960)

Movie Name: Singapore (B/W) (1960)

Starring: Shammi Kapoor, Padmini, Shashikala, Madan Puri, K. N. Singh, Helen

Music: Shankar Jaikishan

Director: Shakti Samanta

Synposis: A crime thriller the first Indian film to be shot in the city of Singapore

Ujala (B/W) (1959)

Movie Name: Ujala (B/W) (1959)

Starring: Shammi Kapoor, Rajkumar, Mala Sinha, Leela Chitnis

Music: Shankar Jaikishan

Director: Naresh Saigal

Synposis: Love story set in the slums between a vivacious girl who sells milk and a hand cart puller who is dragged into crime by poverty, and his intense struggle to stay free.

Mujrim (B/W) (1958)

Movie Name: Mujrim (B/W) (1958)

Starring: Shammi Kapoor, Ragini, Subha Khote, Jhonny Walker

Music: O.P.Nayar

Director: O.P.Ralhan

Synposis: An innocent trapped and his fight for Justice.

Aji Bas Shukriya (B/W) (1958)

Movie Name: Aji Bas Shukriya (B/W) (1958)

Starring: Suresh, Geeta Bali, Johnny Walker

Music: Roshan

Director: Mohd. Hussain

Synposis: Romantic comedy of three youngsters trying to make it big in the Big Bad City of Bombay.
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