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Produced for SABe T.V. from year 2000 - 2003 (still on) - 172 Episodes

Award Winning serial in all three years "OFFICE- OFFICE" is a comical satire with shades of farce which takes us away from the regular drawing room comedies to those offices which every human being comes across in his day to day life, may it be the rationing office, electricity office, telephone exchange or any government or private office.

Each episode deals with a new office, a new issue and a new problem

Hum Dil Jod Chuke Sanam
Produced for Zee TV - the year 2002 - 2 Episodes

Top-most TV stars Shekar Suman, Archana Puransingh, Javed Jaffery came together for a 'comedy special'

Produced for Zee T.V. - year 2000 - 1 Episode

Sentimental short story

Produced for SABe T.V. - year 2000 - 2 Episodes

Emotional Short Story

Produced for SABe T.V. - the year 2000 - 38 Episodes

A film based show comprising of recent releases, news, views and critical analyses, interspersed with the interviews of related producers, directors, actors and film clippings and songs.


Produced for SABe T.V. - year 2000 - 52 Episodes

Khatta Meetha is a comedy about an upper class married couple, Sameer and Neetu Johar, who live a happy carefree life till Sameer's parents Moolchand and Meena come to live in the same building in the flat below them. The parents prove to be a pain in their happily married life, thus making funny and hilarious situations. These episodes are interspersed with Indy-pop music albums.

Kissa Kursi Ka

Produced for SABe T.V. - year 2000 - 40 Episodes

Kissa Kursi Ka is a force on the political scenario of the country depicted through a minister, his personal adviser and his secretary. These episodes are interspersed with the latest film songs.


Produced for SABe T.V.- year 2000 - 40 Episodes

Nok Jhok is a comedy between husband and wife who always get into arguments over mundane things, which create typical situations in a married life of the two, at times caused by a gossipy neighbor, but all's well that ends well. These episodes will be interspersed with the latest film songs.

Zabaan Sambhal Ke

Produced in the year 1993 - 54 Episodes for D. D. Metro Channel

Zabaan Sambhal Ke (T.V. Serial)
Produced in the year 1997 - 52 Episodes for Home TV

"Zabaan Sambhal Ke" as the title suggests simply means 'Watch Your Tongue'.
Fifty-Four Episodes of Zabaan Sambhal Ke were telecast on Doordarshan Metro Channel during 1993-1994; the programme was a great success and one of the highest revenue earners for Doordarshan at that time.

During 1997-1998, another 52 Episodes were Shot and Telecast on Home TV, and Zabaan Sambhal Ke was once again loved by all viewers, needless to say it was Home TV's most popular programme.

Produced in the year 1989 - 9 Episodes

Famous Comedy star Deven Verma plays a Bachelor Uncle on whom is thrust the responsibility of bringing up his small nephews and nieces.

Gawaahi Feature Film - 1988
Suspense murder mystery, court - room drama.

Starring: Zeenat Aman, Shekhar Kapoor

Ek Do Teen Char
Produced in the year 1985 - 19 Episodes

Four Kids and their Dog, a series of comedy and adventure
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